”Arigatou Kid” Super Collaboration Live!

2016年12月27日(火)18:30 open/19:00 start

場所;キッド・アイラック・アート・ホー/Kid Ailack Art Hall(東京都世田谷区松原 2-43-11/2-43-11,Matsubara Setagaya-Ku,Tokyo)

出演;おおたか静流/Sizzle Ohtaka(voice)、中村明一/Akikazu Nakamura(尺八/Syakuhachi)、
カール・ストーン/Carl Stone(laptop)、モーガン・フィッシャー/MorganFisher(keyboards)
問・予約; arthall@kidailack.co.jp、tel 03-3322-5564

※長い間アートを支えてきた特別な空間「キッド・アイラック・アート・ホール」が、52年の幕を閉じます。この日信頼し合う4人のミュージシャンが結集することになりました。音、声、言葉、文化、風景、時間を越えた想い出に囲まれ、笑い、涙、汗につつまれ、「喜怒哀楽」の名残を惜しもうと思います。次の海原に漕ぎ出すために・・・「Sail Away」の歌とともに・・・(by おおたか静流)

A “Super Collaboration” may sound like some subatomic phenomenon, but in this case it is an event where I have the honour to perform with three of the finest musicians I have met in my 31 years in Japan. This concert is a tribute to the Kid Ailack Art Hall space which is due to close this Dec. 31 after inspiring its visitors for 52 years.A rare chance to hear the four of us improvising solo and in various combinatons to create a rich, unpredictable cornucopia of living music!
(by Morgan Fisher)

■Sizzle Ohtaka has been described as having a “rainbow voice” of many colours, from ultra-pure Japanese folk through spicy ethnic variations to the wildest free improv.
■Akikazu Nakamura is an acknowledged master of traditional shakuhachi, whilealso performing prog-rock and modern jazz.
■Carl Stone weaves extraordinary organic tapestries of electronic sound fromhis customised laptop.
■ Morgan Fisher blends vintage analogue keyboards with digital looping to create deep, layered soundscapes.

2016.12.27「Arigatou Kid” Super Collaboration Live!」