“Traveling Doll”

October 10, 2021. in Kanagawa, 16:00open / 16:30start

  • 【Place】
  • Ohda Sansou
    [1411 Nichiren, Midori-ku, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa]
  • 【Ticket】
  • Donations are welcome
  • 【Performer】
  • Mokugu-Sha + Kanroku (doll performance),Sizzle Ohtaka(vocal),
    Norihito Sumitomo(key.sax),Kazunari Abe(shinobue)
  • 【Reservation】
  • TEL: 042-687-2333

※Fujino is a place where you feel like you’re in a creative breeze.
 And there is such a mountain lodge quietly. Don’t miss it.
 As it’s the only place to perform “Traveling Doll” in the area near Tokyo.