Kardeş Türküler & Sizzle Ohtaka – Kız Çocuğu [Nâzım Hikmet Anması] on youtube

(日本語) カルデス トゥルクレルの演奏とともに、詩人ヒクメットの作品に参加しました。
I had a collaboration with Kardes Turkler.
This lyrics was written by Hikmet.
No more atomic bomb・・・・・
No more Hiroshima, Nagasaki・・・・・

-True Life- in Osaka

18:30 open / 19:00 start, August 11, 2020

※Tours canceled in spring will be held in summer.See you in Osaka first!

-True Life- in Tokushima

17:00 open / 18:00 start, August 13, 2020
Hirokawa’s Wheat field

※They live a self-sufficient life without electricity,gas or water.What is true life?

<Unfortunately, this performance will be cancelled.>
-True Life- in Tokushima

August 14, 2020

<Unfortunately, this performance will be cancelled.>
-True Life- in Tokushima ーHello Jofruri Dollsー

August 15, 2020

-True Life- in Tokushima

18:00 open / 18:30 start, August 16, 2020
“Awa Ningyo Joruri (Tokushima-based Japanese puppet show)

※This is the very important theatre for traditional Ningyo joruri where old and new intersect.Exciting!

KANADE in Tokyo -Old Country-

19:00 open / 19:30 start, August 20, 2020
Atelier Q art (2-38-16 Seijo Setagaya-ku Tokyo)

※”Old Country” is the song that expresses our favorite base the Kasaoka Islan
ds.I hope you like it.

(日本語) NHK Eテレ「にほんごであそぼ」8月25日放送

(日本語) 2020年8月25日(火))6:35~6:45 /[再放送]17:00~17:10