“True Life” Tokyo

January 8, 2022 in Tokyo. 14:00open / 14:30start
Tokyo Toritsudaigaku University [1-1, Miami Osawa, Hachiojishi, Tokyo]

※“True Life” performance in university.
 Please feel free to drop by if you’re near.

“True Life” Saitama

January 9, 2022 in Saitama. 14:30open / 15:00start
Sayama City Culture center [1-3-1, Irumagawa, Sayama-shi, Saitama]

※True Life was created while thinking about Fukushima.
 Remembering the living and the dead, entrusting our hearts to silent dolls.

For you -Far beyond the closed sky-

January 10, 2022 in Yamanashi. 14:30open / 15:00start
Sakuraza [1-1-7, Chuou, Kofu-shi, Yamanashi]

※It’s a great pleasure to sing “For you” that Fumio Itabashi composed and I wrote the lyrics.
Looking forward to Itabashi’s first collaboration with Kanroku.
Let’s start our journey to find a new road under the closed sky.

“Message for Future”

January 16, 2022 in Ibaraki. 13:00open / 14:00start
Yamato Fureai center “CITRUS” [989-1, Haneda, Sakuragawa-shi, Ibaraki]

※If you are in the neighborhood, please drop in.
 Looking forward to seeing you.


January 16, 2022 15:30 ~ 16:15

“Play Back 47th Song Festival”

January 31, 2022 17:58~18:54

※The program that was broadcast on August 25,2021 will be rebroadcast as it is.