“Sugar Land” -Rebirth Edition-

“Sugar Land” will be reborn on Feb.24. 2019

“Osenaka Ondo”, the special CD, born from “Museum of Picture Book Art” has been completed !

The singers are people living there, the visitors, the gost as well as Sizzle.
“Osenaka Ondo in Hachi” on Youtube.

Sizzle Ohtaka Youtube Channel

“Osenaka ondo”
“Roaming Sheep”, “T-shirt Art Exhibition”
“TOHOKU”, “Sunshine”, World AIDS Day in Thailand 2019
Kardeş Türküler & Sizzle Ohtaka “Kız Çocuğu” [Nâzım Hikmet Anması]
“Song for Mother”, “Sizzle’s Live for Children”
“Kotoba naki Uta”, Japan Alps Art Festival 2017 “Light &Shadow Concert”
“Child Gospel”, “An die Freude”, “As long as you are here”, and “SEMAH”
has been uploaded to Youtube.

Sizzlin Shop

(日本語) シズリンのCDや絵本を販売しています。

“Watermelon and guetre”
※Will be postponed. The transfer performance is scheduled for November 6th.

July 31 ⇒ November 6th, 2021 in Tokyo
Japan women’s university[2-8-1,Mejirodai,Bunkyoku,Tokyo]

※This performance will be postponed.
 The transfer performance is scheduled for November 6th.

“Buyo Theater HAGOROMO”

September 14-15, 2021. in Tokyo.
Uchisaiwaicho Hall[1-5-1, Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo]

※The world of Ichiyo Higuchi!
 Enjoy dancing and music.
 In some places, it’s a work that is also improvised.