“Sugar Land” -Rebirth Edition-

“Sugar Land” will be reborn on Feb.24. 2019

“Osenaka Ondo”, the special CD, born from “Museum of Picture Book Art” has been completed !

The singers are people living there, the visitors, the gost as well as Sizzle.
“Osenaka Ondo in Hachi” on Youtube.

Sizzle Ohtaka Youtube Channel

“Sunshine”, World AIDS Day in Thailand 2019
Kardeş Türküler & Sizzle Ohtaka “Kız Çocuğu” [Nâzım Hikmet Anması]
“Song for Mother”, “Sizzle’s Live for Children”
“Kotoba naki Uta”, Japan Alps Art Festival 2017 “Light &Shadow Concert”
“Child Gospel”, “An die Freude”, “As long as you are here”, and “SEMAH”
has been uploaded to Youtube.

Parent-child concert “It’s Christmas, get together”

December 12, 2020 in Chiba Start time (1st.)13:00 (2nd.)15:00
Studio357URA[3-1-30 Flower HIll Inage 1F, Inage-Kaigan, Chiba-shi, Chiba]

※This is my first collaboration with him.
What does chango sound like? Let’s get together there!

“Preparation for the New Year”

December 13, 2020 in Tokyo 19:00open 19:30start
LADY JANE[5-31-14, Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo]

※I’m looking forward to a session with my two favorite musicians.
Come see us in Shimokitazawa!


December 20, 2020 in Tokyo 18:30open 19:00start
Cafe Slow[2-20-10, Higashi-Motomachi, Kokubunnji-city, Tokyo]

※This is not the usual live.
Enjoy the commercials, movies and animations I’ve done so far.
And enjoy the live songs in between.

” Winter Session”

December 22, 2020 in Tokyo 19:00open 19:30start
Shinjuku Pit Inn[2-12-4 ACCORD BLDG. B1, Shinjuku shinjuku-ku, Tokyo]

※They are my favorite musicians. The range of their expressions is very wide.
It has both a monochrome world and a colorful world. Let’s enjoy the depth of
stillness and movement!