“Sugar Land” -Rebirth Edition-

“Sugar Land” will be reborn on Feb.24. 2019

“Osenaka Ondo”, the special CD, born from “Museum of Picture Book Art” has been completed !

The singers are people living there, the visitors, the gost as well as Sizzle.
“Osenaka Ondo in Hachi” on Youtube.

Sizzle Ohtaka Youtube Channel

“Song for Mother”, “Sizzle’s Live for Children”
“Kotoba naki Uta”, Japan Alps Art Festival 2017 “Light &Shadow Concert”
“Child Gospel”, “An die Freude”, “As long as you are here”, and “SEMAH”
has been uploaded to Youtube.

Kardeş Türküler & Sizzle Ohtaka – Kız Çocuğu [Nâzım Hikmet Anması] on youtube

(日本語) カルデス トゥルクレルの演奏とともに、
I had a collaboration with Kardes Turkler.
This lyrics was written by Hikmet.
No more atomic bomb・・・・・
No more Hiroshima, Nagasaki・・・・・

-True Life- in Osaka

18:30 open / 19:00 start, August 11, 2020

※Tours canceled in spring will be held in summer.See you in Osaka first!

-True Life- in Tokushima

17:00 open / 18:00 start, August 13, 2020
Hirokawa’s Wheat field

※They live a self-sufficient life without electricity,gas or water.What is true life?

<Unfortunately, this performance will be cancelled.>
-True Life- in Tokushima

August 14, 2020

<Unfortunately, this performance will be cancelled.>
-True Life- in Tokushima ーHello Jofruri Dollsー

August 15, 2020

-True Life- in Tokushima

18:00 open / 18:30 start, August 16, 2020
“Awa Ningyo Joruri (Tokushima-based Japanese puppet show)

※This is the very important theatre for traditional Ningyo joruri where old and new intersect.Exciting!

KANADE in Tokyo -Old Country-

19:00 open / 19:30 start, August 20, 2020
Atelier Q art (2-38-16 Seijo Setagaya-ku Tokyo)

※”Old Country” is the song that expresses our favorite base the Kasaoka Islan
ds.I hope you like it.